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I received a letter, the same as the one described by Michelle of Pennysylvania and I responded by fax - as the time limit given was very short.I have received 'absolutely free' a booklet entitled The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time!

Five amazing stories that will change your life - Installment number one of two - The Secret Society Orientation Booklet. In this book you are told several amazing stories of wealth, success and love and then told that for just $200 they will send you 680 pages of an ancient manuscript that will reveal the secrets! they say that you do not have to 'find' the secret, just by reading the headings it will enter your mind! What an obvious scam!

They also give you a limited time to reply and offer a full refund after 90 days, but I wonder if one would ever get that refund. The other thing is that all the stories speak about either finding or being given the secret manuscript, so why are they now asking people to pay for this? Its a scam, pure and simple. Thank goodness I looked up the name on internet and found your site!

I need some good fortune, but don't need this kind of *** trick to further empoverish me!

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He is now in Australia and is doing similar scams - Entrepreneur with vision , mobile app city and the such.

You can find him at his office at Muzz buzz in Perth +61 8 92778666 .


to ***cerned Portland, Oregon, United States #1223549

This has been around since the 70's Google Frank Wallace & NeoTech. He is now dead but the book lives on!


I have looked at all the comments and have noticed the earliest one is from 2008....You mean to tell me this has going around for 7 years and nobody has found a way to stop it yet? I'm 69 years old and live on a fixed income and I can imagine there are a lot of people like me who would jump at the chance to get some extra help in some areas....Ripping off old people is just evil....I'm sending my letter to my congresswoman to see if she can do anything.

Naples, Florida, United States #798886

Well, I too have been a fool.The time limit was very short, that should have been my first clue.

I did send for this book which weighs nearly 3 Lbs, I am an older lady, with back problems which means that I am unable to hold this book, nor sit at the table bent over any length of time with a bad back.

Should have known better... took the time to go on-line and look it up-but thanks for helping all of the others.. I am going to try and get my monies back.

I know --- don't laugh too loud.Love those funny faces.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #744017

I was visiting my dad today and he received this letter in the mail. I stumbled upon several websites after googleing the name. To me it somewhat sounded fishy and was skeptical. After proving my instincts correct I can now keep watch for further letters and warn people about it.

Going to send off for part 1 and see how "secretive" it really is, or is it just a bunch of common sense everyone already knows.


Maybe just forward this scam to authorities for further investigation.


Got the same Scam in the mail today! 11/14/11 Thank Goodness for the internet. But look's like to me someone could trace this guy down and do something about it....

to Tammie #1098898

My name is Linda and I almost fell for this scam. I went as far as writing a check and was going to mail it.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I will now tear up the check.


Linda in California


just received my orientation booklet.OMG i was actually considering sending them 139.95 Thank God for the internet.

Thank you for this web site.

I thought this had scam written all over it but the urgency in replying and all peaked my interest.Thanks again for returning me to sanity and saving my wallet!


I just received the Insider Secrets Orientation Booklet in the mail today and after reading that really long, single-spaced letter, I just said, "forget it, just read the booklet." at the end, it kept reiterating the need for me to send a payment of $139.50 (originally priced at $240 + 43% discount = $135.50 + $4.45 for S&H= $139.50).and I actually filled out a check in that amount but something told me to check first and I stumbled upon your website....

Weird enough, I was just thinking.....

Most celebrities don't really have a Private life so having been able to keep this so private was the only miracle I could see....I mean, seriously, it's all the five stories, the manuscript was just handed to them or weirdly, found under some park bench....well, that's what got me thinking.....

You know what, I'll just stick to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.....I have that in it's original hard-bound form.

Thanks you guys for saving me from losing $139.50.Thank you sooooo much.


I faxed them the form from fax that does not show name or fax number - didn't want to get junk faxes in return. I did it just so they would have to spend money on postage to send me what they're going to send me. It'll be great bird cage liner or fire kindling.

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